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Containers to Russia


Chinese logistics companies have doubled their container shipping fees to Russia since the start of the year. According to the news of Kommersant, the price requested today is 11 thousand 500 dollars for a container that was transported to 6 thousand dollars at the beginning of the year. Speaking to white goods and electronics manufacturers, the newspaper pointed out that a similar situation was observed in goods transported from Turkey. According to the manufacturers, the reason for the increase in transportation costs is the decrease in market competition as a result of the withdrawal of western companies and the increase in demand. Dmitri Denisenko, from logistics company diHouse, told Kommersant that transportation costs for air cargo flights from China have increased threefold since March. Retailers, on the other hand, report that prices have not risen yet due to the increase in transportation costs, but that the situation will eventually affect the stores as well. Source:

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